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How do I get paid?

Create or connect your existing Stripe account. Boost takes a % of each transaction and then transfers the remaining amount into any bank of your choice.

What hashtags work?

Eligible Sellers will be invited to possess vanity hashtags. In addition, Boost appends a random 3 digit number to each hashtag to reduce any false positive (eg.#Acme123).

Where do orders go?

Orders are placed and processed using Boost. Sellers can access all order details via the Seller Dashboard, email notifications or API plugins.

Where does it work?

Boost works on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and SMS. The same hashtag works cross-platform and buyers can tweet, comment or text any Boost hashtag to buy.

Who handles fulfillment?

You do. We are an enabling technology that handles payment and processing. We provide you with all of the order details to handle fulfillment.

Is there any support?

Plenty. Boost is committed to a 99.99% uptime. We have a 24/7 Dev Ops team and an entire creative team to support best practices for maximized conversion.